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The History of WQTQ FM

The station was born in the late 1960ís from the need to provide a service to an urban listening community. It was the brainstorming of the late Weaver High School educator, Mr. George Pryor Thomas, along with the thinking and dedicated service of Weaver Librarian/Media Specialist, Mr. Michael Angelillo, that WQTQ developed and continues. Early on as a small wattage, intramural, carrier current station, WQTQ was a quiet, viable force which first broadcasted from old Ridgefield Street, Thomas Snell Weaver High School. In its present location at the New Thomas Snell Weaver High School on Granby Street, in Hartford, WQTQ FM continues to grow, serve, and commit its broadcasting not only to Hartford proper, but also to those who enjoy listening within a radius of 30 to 40 miles from Qute FMís Hartford hub. WQTQ can be heard from Springfield to the Greater Hartford Meridan-Wallingford areas.

Past managers of WQTQ FM are Joseph Grant, Roosevelt Cooper, and Paul O. Robertson. They have been cornerstones in the continuing development of Qute FM from days of three and four hours of daily broadcasting, to six hours of daily broadcasting, to 10 hours of broadcasting and now finally to broadcasting which can be 18 hours or more per day and six to seven days per week.

The present Board of Managers is totally voluntary as of August 1994. The Board of Managersí "New Direction" has been weathered and championed through the long hours and the dedication of Connie J. Coles, General Manager; Shirley J. Minnifield, Business Manager; and, Thomas G. Smith, Chief Operations Manager. For having the desire to take a position of voluntary leadership in keeping Qute FM "on-air" and for developing the structure and coarse of community involvement for WQTQ, this Board of Managers is to be praised.